Adjuvo Enterprises Profile

Despite the devastating effect of Covid 19 it created a birthplace for Adjuvo Enterprises. After the unfortunate closing of a promotional business in Stellenbosch, a few employees decided to create a new company to set a platform to create jobs for some of the retrenched staff. Adjuvo – meaning to serve – was created to serve both employees but more important, the clients with whom relationships were built over the last 22 years.

With a team, who has a combined 60 years plus experience in the industry, Adjuvo opened their offices in Stellenbosch, supplying businesses and institutions with promotional clothing and gifts. The company will continue expanding their operations at a regional and national level, servicing not only corporate businesses but also small business enterprises.

Major clients with whom relationships were built includes, Old Mutual, University of Stellenbosch, Government Departments, City of Cape Town, Du Toit Fruit Group, RCL Food Group and other large number of smaller customers.

Adjuvo is a level 2 B-BBEE compliant company with an ownership that includes previously disadvantaged staff members.

Adjuvo Enterprises is a proudly South African company that understands the unique challenges of their clients and continue to build on their staff track record of delivering world-class services to their customers.