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  • Bahamas Beach Towel

    Bahamas Beach Towel

    *Bahamas beach towel*

    get your summer campaign off to a bright start with the bahamas beach towel!
    includes a a convenient drawstring bag

    white drawstring bag
    velour towel with 10cm flat strip for branding

  • Bathrobe Spa Set

    Bathrobe Spa Set

    *Bathrobe spa set*

    100% polyester wellness set with waffle design
    1 bathrobe with 2 front pockets
    1 wash cloth 30 x 31cm
    1 pair of slippers with small anti-slip silicon dots
    folded together and tied with a matching ribbon

  • Bloomington Bathrobe

    Bloomington Bathrobe

    *Bloomington Bathrobe*


    one size fits all
    shawl collar
    two hand pockets
    self fabric belt
    satin tape detail on sleeves & pockets
    hanging loop

  • Chill Cooling Towel

    Chill Cooling Towel

    *Chill cooling towel*

    enjoy that feeling of instant cooling and freshness with this cooling towel that provides cool and comfortable relief for those sports enthusiasts who enjoy outdoor activities and working out.

    how it works is, wet the towel with water, wring it out and snap into the air activating that instant cooling technique and can be worn around the head or the neck to stay cooler for longer.

    features include:
    made from environmentally friendly breathable performance fabric
    provides spf 50 protection from the sun
    when wet, the fabric cools up to 15 degrees below outdoor ambient temperature
    reusable and machine washable
    chemical free

  • Cooling Towel In Case

    Cooling Towel In Case

    *Cooling towel in case*

    hand towel
    packaged in a plastic tube
    20� cooler than outside temperature
    lasts up to 4 hours
    wet, squeeze and shake to activate

  • Cooling Towel in Tube

    Cooling Towel in Tube

    *Cooling towel in tube*

    upf sun protection
    super absorbing
    quick drying athletic cloth
    washable and reusable
    wet, squeeze and shake to activate

  • Emoji Slippers

    Emoji Slippers

    *Emoji slippers*

  • Facecloths


    Swiss facecloths

  • Ice Cooling Towel

    Ice Cooling Towel

    *Ice cooling towel*

    high tech cooling fabric material. soak towel in water, wring it, swing it and towel becomes icy cold

  • Kooshty Mykonos Beach Towel

    Kooshty Mykonos Beach Towel

    *Kooshty mykonos beach towel*

    maximise your brand exposure this summer with our striking new kooshty mykonos beach towels!

    packaged in a convenient drawstring bag, perfect for pool side fun or a trip to the beach!

  • Shower Timer

    Shower Timer

    *Shower timer*

  • Signature Mens Bathrobe

    Signature Mens Bathrobe

    *Signature mens bathrobe*

    includes pp non-woven gift pouch: 59 ( w ) x 38.5 ( h )
    only available in black

  • Slippers