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  • 3 Led Flashlight And Magnetic Pick Up Tool

    3 Led Flashlight And Magnetic Pick Up Tool

    *3 led flashlight and magnetic pick up tool*

    3 led flashlight
    magnetic back
    magnetic head
    belt clip
    on/off button
    aluminium body
    retractable handle
    flexible neck

  • 360 Degree Rotating Light

    360 Degree Rotating Light

    *360 degree rotating light*


    magnetised base for desk or wall.
    unscrew light to insert batteries and press the side button on.
    includes 3 x aaa batteries

  • 8 In 1 Screwdriver Set and Torch

    8 In 1 Screwdriver Set and Torch

    *8 In 1 screwdriver set and torch*

    Screwdrivers fold into body
    7 Screwdrivers
    Black ABS plastic body
    On/off torch at top
    1 LED Torch at the bottom
    2 AAA Batteries included

  • 911 Emergency Light

    911 Emergency Light

    911 emergency light

  • Alert Safety Light

    Alert Safety Light

    *Alert safety light*

    an emergency safety torch with 3 light settings. a red
    static and flashing light as well as a white static light.
    it also has a round magnetic bottom. 3 aaa batteries included.

  • Aluminium Carabiner Torch

    Aluminium Carabiner Torch

    *Aluminium carabiner torch*

    red led

  • Aluminium Clip Torch

    Aluminium Clip Torch

    *Aluminium clip torch*

    product details: 4 cell batteries included

  • Automotive Torch

    Automotive Torch

    *Automotive Torch*


    sometimes after market gadgets for your car can make the dash look less than streamlined
    not so with the handsome and regarable automotive model
    its crystal lens cast a circular shawow free beam that perfect for reading a map looking in the glove box or checking under seat
    this power ful mini flashlight comes with memory effect free rechargeable battries and charger

  • Automotive Torch And Car Charger

    Automotive Torch And Car Charger

    Automotive torch and car charger

  • Brightforce Torch

    Brightforce Torch

    *Brightforce torch*

    white 9-led light: 13 000 mcd
    built-in carabiner
    3 x aaa batteries included
    includes printed gift box

  • Camping Lamp

    Camping Lamp

    *Camping lamp*


    Black plastic base
    On/off button
    6 LED Lights
    Top with solar panel
    Carry/hanging handle
    Dynamo crank

  • Crusader Torch And Tool

    Crusader Torch And Tool

    *Crusader torch and tool*

    assorted bits
    white led light
    4 x ag10 button cell batteries included

  • Desk LED Light With Weighted Base

    Desk LED Light With Weighted Base

    *Desk led light with weighted base*

    weighted base
    abs construction
    touch top of light to switch on and off

  • Diving Torch

    Diving Torch

    *Diving Torch*


    profrssional divers know that underwater refraction rules out long ranges
    because of its axial collimator
    the lens lenser D14 diving flashlight attains an amazing strength of focus even at long ranges
    thanks to its unique cooling system, unlike many other diving lights
    theD14 flashlight can also be operated on land its beam distance when out of water is 590 feet and it is suitable for dives down to 197
    special magnetic parts allow for switch activation without mechanical parts that could corrode over time

  • Dynamo Torch And Radio

    Dynamo Torch And Radio

    Dynamo torch and radio

  • Flashlight Torch With Magnet

    Flashlight Torch With Magnet

    *Flashlight torch with magnet *

    includes a flashlight, magnet and a white box.

  • Fornax 9 Led Torch

    Fornax 9 Led Torch

    Fornax 9 led torch

  • Forza Flashlight And Bottle Opener

    Forza Flashlight And Bottle Opener

    *Forza flashlight & bottle opener*

    an led flashlight with bottle opener and magnet
    at the back.

  • Head Lamp

    Head Lamp

    *Led lenser head lamp*

    LED Configuration: 1 x Xtreme Power LED
    Luminous flux*:
    – 60 Lumens (Min)
    – 850 Lumens (Max)
    Run time**:
    – 4h (Min)
    – 40h (Max)
    Beam Distance*:
    70m (Min)
    300m (Max)
    Advanced Focus System (AFS)
    Speed Focus
    Smart Light Technology (Advanced)
    IPX 4 Water resistance

    Luminous flux (lumens) or maximal lighting range measured in metres on the brightest setting when turned on with a fresh alkaline battery. Average value may vary by +/- 15% depending on the chip and the battery.
    Average burn time up to a luminous flux of 1 lumen.

  • Head Lamp with 5 LED Lights

    Head Lamp with 5 LED Lights

    *Head lamp with 5 led lights*

    abs head light
    5 led ligths in a plastic casing
    adjustable head strap
    batteries included

  • Head Lamp With 8 Cob Led Lights

    Head Lamp With 8 Cob Led Lights

    *Head lamp with 8 cob led lights*

    8 powerful cob led lights
    adjustable head strap
    batteries included

  • Headlamp




    the execeptional brightness of modem high perfomance leds has drawback
    an unpleasant dazzling effect if you try to read by led light
    other manufactures rely on cheap solutions and offer diffuser lenses
    by contrast we developed a potentiometer (dimmer) that is part of the battery box
    provides optimal brightness management
    the torch head can also be swivelled with an angle of 90 degress
    K2 small and powerful takes on new meaning with the K2 led flashlight less than half an ounce and 25 lumens this keychain

  • Headlamp




    Our all new h14.2 headlamp combines comfort and performance to create and elite light
    create an elite light crafted specifically to meet the needs of professionals and adventure seekers alike
    the updated design was specially constructed with a focus on usability and flexibility
    featuring new cabling, a multi- function switch to change light modes easily and a battery indicator
    with 320 lumens,the h14.2 is not only bright its easy to wear and reliable for the long haul
    no matter what the job activy

  • Headlamp




    we have taken one of our most popular led headlamps and made brighter, lighter and easier to use
    an upgrade lens for our advance focus system adjust for either long distance viewing or close range illumination and a revised drable tilt mechanism
    puts light just where you need it our new wheel switch allows you to easily control light intensity
    special touches like an added carqbiner hook and new ergonomic fit make the H7.2 a headlamp you”soon wonder how you did without

  • Headlamp




    Finally a lightweight headlamp doesn’t compromise on functionality
    the seo 3 features smart light technology for switching quickly between high and low power and a signal mode and boasts 3 white leds
    1 red led and a ahelpful carabiner clip for carrying on the go at only 96 grams
    this might be the most versatile headlamp you’ll own

  • Headlamp




    now get the technology you want in a compact, lightweight and rechargeable design
    featuring our german engineered optisense technology
    the SEO 7R will sense the light level in your surrounding area and will adjust its brightness automatically to save battery life and give you light when you need it
    without taking your hands fromm your task
    a red led preserves your night visio and helps to make sure you stay safe while enjoy the activities you love

  • Headlamp




    power and versatility in one package
    the SEO 5 shines bright with 180 lumens on high,a red led for preserving night vision
    a high end power white led with flash function and a swiveling head that ensures you’ll have light where you want it
    the advances focus system allows for a close up spot or a wider beam making the SEO flexible, lightweight and technology centered headlamp for any sport, hobby or job

  • Innovative Head Lamp

    Innovative Head Lamp

    Innovative headlamp